How to validate integration

First method The easiest way to validate integration is to go to Setup->Start and click the validate install button. You will also receive an email on success validation. Second method Another method is to check to see if events are being sent to the system. Note that this requires events […]

Advisor Campaigns Content/Template

Like the rest of campaigns we offer, Advisor Campaigns allow you to have more than one variation of the content (for A/B tests).   Content Section Preheader: text to display on top (Please answer the questions below to … ) Here you set questions, answer options and conditions to return […]

Advisor Campaigns

Advisor campaigns are a special type of campaigns that allow visitors to easily filter through your products, using real-life questions instead of product attributes filters. Not all people are technical or understand a specific set of products, so it’s sometimes better to focus on their benefits and problem solving features. […]

Email visual editor

Our app is offering you the possibility to personalize your campaign’s content in a fast and easy way by using the drag&drop move. The body of an email is made of horizontal content blocks which you can edit, delete and reorder. The Buttons: 1 – Move element: the button helps you […]

Product recommendations template

Unlike the rest of the onsite campaigns, products recommendation campaigns do not have the option of choosing a template. Both the design and the campaign content must be created in HTML by you. For editing product recommendation campaings, you will need to know some basic HTML because the campaign design […]

The interaction editor

Our app is offering you the possibility to create on site interactions which you can edit by using the Interaction Editor. Choose the interaction type Once you created a campaign, you will have to choose between 4 options based on your objective: you can choose an email collector template, a display […]

How to set conditions for triggered emails

Transactional campaigns are sent to each user based on their activity (event). In order to create a transactional email you have to set the conditions that will trigger the email or series of emails that is sent. In your transactional campaign there is a WORKFLOW menu from which you can […]

Advanced user segmentation

By using our solution you can make an advanced user segmentation on either site campaigns or interaction campaigns This is the most important feature of our platform, therefore it is continuously improved. Please come back here once in while or subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep track of […]

How to track behaviour inside Google Analytics

Our system offers a few ways of tracking user behaviour inside Google Analytics. There are: UTM params from external traffic (email/push) generated page views (for onsite campaigns). Google Analytics integration using events   UTM Params Email and transactional campaigns For all you can have set those UTM params at account […]