How to retarget users who viewed a listing page?

This is a series of articles that cover the most common retargeting campaigns (email/push or other channels) without a product feed. Experience level would be moderate. A listing page can be a category page, a filtered page with products or a search page. Basically any page that contains multiple elements […]

How to add products in the email visual editor

The products from the content blocks can be added either manually or by choosing the right algorithm depending on the email purpose. As for the recurring and tranzactional campaigns we recommend using algorithms so you won’t have to manually add products at some period of time. How to add manually […]

Emailing Template Format

This article explains how to build an email template┬áto be used in our email editor. You can still use any html for┬ásending an email. If you decide to use your own html, you just copy/paste it in the code section. Preview and Unsubscribe tags: <vtpreview> any text here </vtpreview> and […]

Email input fields with permission checkbox

There is a new way of subscribing users based on input fields from the website: You need to add a click event listener on the submit button of the entire form (which includes the input email field). We’ve introduced a javascript method you can use to listen to those fields […]

Dealing with inactive accounts

As an agency, either you offer self-service or not, you’ll have inactive accounts. By inactive accounts we mean accounts that were either created by you or added by some site representative, but do not receive any events for 14 days. Our system automatically checks every week and disables those accounts […]

How to add Marketing Automation module to Opencart

The following article explains how to add Marketing Automation to your Opencart store. Opencart is very different in structure for its versions (1.5, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3) that’s why we had to build multiple module versions for them. Note that our extensions are tested with the standard opencart installation. If your […]

How to send emails using any SMTP

Our solution allows you to send emails using any SMTP service. As long as you are authorised to send emails using SMTP credentials you have and the servers are able to cope with our sending speed, you can add this information under Setup->Email settings. The image above is an example. […]