Onsite campaigns segmentation

Onsite campaigns (interactions, polls, content) can be displayed to only some recipients, in a similar way to our advanced historical segmentation. Because segmentation takes into consideration browser, device and other page attributes you have many conditions to use. First set of conditions Those conditions should all be true, at the […]

Data Processing Agreement

We offer a data processing agreement for your organization’s data, making it easier to ensure you are using best practice contractual protections. Our data processing agreement clearly articulates our privacy commitments. In the course of providing our service, AGENCY may process personal data on your behalf. This document forms part of […]

How to debug events and campaigns

You might want sometimes to see if campaigns conditions are validated, or event/user data is correctly inserted into the email template. As you know we gather user events on various browsers (mobile, desktop, tablets or even offline). This information is gathered by our servers and analyzed in order to trigger […]

What are CSS selectors

Our Javascript SDK works with standard CSS selectors that you can learn about anywhere else. We won’t try to explain in detail about CSS selectors, because they require a bit of HTML knowledge, but a short explanation is required: In CSS, selectors are patterns used to select the element(s) you […]

Dynamic user attributes that automatically update values

Some user attributes (custom fields) are reserved by system because their value is automatically updated when certain events occur. emUnsubDate Last email unsubscribe date numberOfPurchases Total number of purchases createdOn  User creation date isCustomer Is customer lastPurchaseDate Date of the last purchase isSpam Flagged as spam? isHardBounced Flagged as hard […]

How to add new attributes/custom fields to users?

What is an attribute? An attribute is a piece of information which determines the properties of an user. By default all users from your database have a set of default attributes which are called standard attributes. The list might change in time, based on the evolution of our software. You […]

How to export all users with email address?

Are you looking to export all users with email addresses? Here are the 2 steps you need to take: 1. Create a segment with only one condition on user attributes: 2. Optional, if you need other attributes exported than email address, select them from the list: Click Generate Export You export […]

How to install Push Notifications on my own HTTPS domain?

This article will guide you through the setup of push notifications delivery from your own domain. Requirements: HTTPS website (if you don’t have all your domain using ssl this will not work) your URL’s should start with https:// . All other http:// only should redirect to the https:// version Access […]