Custom Javascript Events for Ecommerce

Make sure you first added the main script loader. That is required and nothing below will work without the main script.. The article covers integrations of the following codes: Add ViewItem Event Add ViewCategory Event Add Search Event Add AddToCart Event Add AddToWishlist Event Add Checkout Event Add Confirm Order […]

How to limit number of campaigns displayed on one page

So you have multiple campaigns running on the same page. With different triggers: Triggered after 5 seconds on the page Triggered on scroll 80% Triggered on exit intent If you want to only display a campaign on one page, campaigns priority won’t work. Because they are different triggers, as explained in the article. […]

How campaign priorities work

If you’re using our app at full potential you will have multiple campaigns running at the same time. For onsite campaigns, you might want to display a special offer on exit intent, another message when user scrolls up to 80% of your page, or after 10 seconds of inactivity and […]

Google Analytics Events & Integration

Our system completely integrates with Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) by automatically sending events. Things to know: You need to have Universal Analytics installed on your website, either directly or through any TagManager. You need to have admin rights over your account. All events are passed to first tracker found on your […]

How to add Subscription Form to Facebook Page

Feature unavailable at the moment! In this article we will show you how to increase your list size by adding a subscription form to your Facebook Page. Things to know Before you begin this process, this is a short overview of what you can accomplish. You’ll need to have already […]