How are visitors identified on the website?

We identify users using a couple of methods. It always depends on your account configuration (settings you can change) but also on the instance/agency configuration you inherit. The most important are: subscribing to newsletter on your website, either in one of the forms you already have or using our email […]

How to preview or test Push Notifications

You can preview and push notification the same way you do with emails. Remember that preview allows you to view what the content will be. This doesn’t mean the user will receive the push message because of various reasons: User you selected is not subscribed to push Push token is […]

Updates June 2022

Here we go with updates for the past month. There were many things improved, but also new ones added. Here’s a list of the most important: Revenue Reports Starting end of May we are calculating automatically daily revenues per campaign type and channel. So you can now see how much […]

Problem with different images in email

Sometimes different heights for product images generate a bad visual inside desktop email clients. On top of the images, sometimes there are different length in product titles, which can lead to the same problem. Real email example: So to generalize this solution we present it below. The container of the […]

Update May 2022

Updated dashboard: Part of a bigger effort to improve UX on our dashboard, here’s the new dashboard focused on metrics and call to actions. Feedback widget Whenever you find something not working right, or you have an idea or suggestion for use, please use the feedback widget.You can also add […]

How to collect birthdates from your visitors

If you are interested in sending gift cards, birthday vouchers or just greetings, you will need to have the users’ birthdate or collect the info some way or another. One way of collecting users’ birthdate is through an input using a data collector. Go to Interaction or Content campaigns and […]

FAQ Product Recommendations

List of the most common frequent questions related to product recommendations. The same product is displayed twice in an email (or on the website) Technically this is not possible (we differentiate items by the ID we received in the product feed). Clicking on the item might get you to the […]

What can you do with our platform

Communicate with your customers The main external communication channels we offer are: email SMS (text messages) web push notifications Using those marketing channels you can reach your customers through a series of campaigns: newsletters – sent once to the selected audience recurring – sent automatically with a specific recurrence transactional […]