Add Shopify clients under your agency

In order to integrate with Shopify websites you will need to install an app. Shopify doesn’t allow for apps without a brand/domain name, so we created a VTmarketing app that sits on To have the client install the app under your agency, please use previous link, install the app […]

How to modify Feed Params

Feed params allow you to customize parsing of custom product feeds. Feed Params is an JSON object that represent how is the feed structured, as CSV or XML file. Our system is intelligent enough to deal with lots existing feeds formats, as well as customizing it to fit your needs. […]

How to preview Product Feed

Dealing with product feeds is a bit hard, because of the mapping needed for product attributes. While we allow to do it through our admin dashboard, requires some technical knowledge of doing it. If you already have a product feed with the correct mapping and want to update it or […]

How to parse product feed on demand (manually)

Sometimes product prices are updated during the day and we need to have the last information in our system. For example you want to send a newsletter after you update the product prices (or titles or other product data). How do you get the latest information without waiting for the […]

How to send emails using Sendgrid

Copy Api Key You will need to copy Sendgrid ApiKey from your accounts, under Settings. Email Notifications/Webhooks In order to receive email notifications and see them under reports, you will set Event Notifications. Go to Settings / Mail Settings to enable it and set as the image below. Use the […]

How to send emails using ElasticEmail

Here’s a short article on how you can send emails using Elastic Email service provider. Copy Api Key Under Settings Smtp/API you can find your api key. Copy it under email settings from your account. Set webhooks/notifications. Please use the following notification URL:

How to send emails through Amazon SES

Our application allows you to send your emails via your Amazon AWS account. For this, you need to setup your Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) configuration. Optionally, you may also configure Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) in order to get feedback on your email campaigns. Note: This article assumes you have a working Amazon AWS account and […]