Product Recommendations Campaign

The product recommendations campaigns are named Merchandising on our platform. They include product recommendations which are shown to every user depending on their profile and on the algorithms you chose. Like any other campaign, there must be at least one campaign variation. To include a product recommendations campaign in your website, you need […]

How to track events right before leaving page

There are situations where API calls to send events to our servers are canceled by browser leaving current page. The most common one is form submits. When you know this is happening (track an event, for example click on a button redirects to another page), instead of sending the event […]

How to send events through the API

You can send events to our system from server side. To implement this and identify the user doing the event there are 2 options: pass the email address pass userId and sessionId found on the client-side.   We don’t currently support other type of user identification. Note that sending user […]

Site&Email Template tags that are auto-replaced

To simplify things for editing and creating templates (Either onsite or email templates), we are replacing automatically some tags (based on class or see below) Here are the replacements we make, even if you overwrite the value inside in HTML. To stop overwriting them, you need to remove the class: .vtw-voucher-wrap […]

Common issues with modules, plugins and extensions

We’ve created modules for the most common ecommerce platforms, as well as help articles to describe the setup process. View all in here Because each store is unique, and might have different settings, we’ve put here the most common issues and questions about them: Feed syncronization doesn’t work Woocommerce/Prestashop/Magento Make […]

Add Shopify clients under your agency

In order to integrate with Shopify websites you will need to install an app. Shopify doesn’t allow for apps without a brand/domain name, so we created a VTmarketing app that sits on To have the client install the app under your agency, please use previous link, install the app […]

How to modify Feed Params

Feed params allow you to customize parsing of custom product feeds. Feed Params is an JSON object that represent how is the feed structured, as CSV or XML file. Our system is intelligent enough to deal with lots existing feeds formats, as well as customizing it to fit your needs. […]

How to preview Product Feed

Dealing with product feeds can be hard, because of the whole configuration and mapping needed for product attributes. While it can be done through our admin dashboard, requires some technical knowledge of doing it. If you already have a product feed with the correct mapping and want to update it […]