How send emails using Mailgun

We are able to use your existing Mailgun account to send emails. You need to set things up to be able to correctly track Mailgun solution. Add Mailgun credentials to your account After adding domain under your Mailgun account you will need to copy the following information: API Base URL […]

How to add Marketing Automation module to WordPress

The following article presents how to add our Marketing Automation solution for WordPress blogs. Our integration modules was tested up to WordPress 4.9 and should work with older versions as well. Download Marketing Automation module for WordPress First download the module from here: Install module to your WordPress blog After downloading […]

Advanced Settings for Interaction Campaigns

After you finish editing the interaction campaign, next you have to set the recipients. Recipients Recipients are your website visitors that will probably see the campaign. You will notice that in the dropdown menu there are 7 categories of conditions that you can choose from. For example, if you want to […]

How product recommendations work inside email?

Our recommendation engine can deliver products into emails, site campaigns, push notifications or third-party services. By default it is integrated into our email editor where you need to choose what algorithms should the system use to embed products into the email. Based on the type of email (transactional / newsletter) […]

How to update user attributes with Javascript

There might be cases where you want to update user attributes with specific values. For example if user inputs city or checks whether they are male or female. You can easily pass this to our system from client side (using browser javascript). The event is “update” following the attributes that […]

How to import old purchases

If you want our system to automatically analyse customer behaviour and compute some attributes on users you can import historical orders into our system. Importing order history has the following benefits: some algorithms can deliver results immediately you can start running campaigns on those events you can segment users based […]

Explaining Users and Accounts

There might be some misunderstanding between users and accounts on our platform, so this article tries to make things clear. Users can be considered as real persons who have various access levels to accounts. There are 3 levels of access: read, edit and admin. Read access can only read reports […]

How to register users from agency website

Any digital agency has a subscription form for new users. You can use interaction forms from your own agency account in our app or use any other form. To automatically create user accounts from your agency site: use one of our form campaigns and use “send to endpoint” feature, which […]