How to parse product feed on demand (manually)

Sometimes product prices are updated during the day and we need to have the last information in our system. For example you want to send a newsletter after you update the product prices (or titles or other product data). How do you get the latest information without waiting for the […]

How to send emails using Sendgrid

Copy Api Key You will need to copy Sendgrid ApiKey from your accounts, under Settings. Email Notifications/Webhooks In order to receive email notifications and see them under reports, you will set Event Notifications. Go to Settings / Mail Settings to enable it and set as the image below. Use the […]

How to send emails using ElasticEmail

Here’s a short article on how you can send emails using Elastic Email service provider. Copy Api Key Under Settings Smtp/API you can find your api key. Copy it under email settings from your account. Set webhooks/notifications. Please use the following notification URL:

How to send emails through Amazon SES

Our application allows you to send your emails via your Amazon AWS account. For this, you need to setup your Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) configuration. Optionally, you may also configure Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) in order to get feedback on your email campaigns. Note: This article assumes you have a working Amazon AWS account and […]

How send emails using Mailgun

We are able to use your existing Mailgun account to send emails. You need to set things up to be able to correctly track Mailgun solution. Add Mailgun credentials to your account After adding domain under your Mailgun account you will need to copy the following information: API Base URL […]

How to add Marketing Automation module to WordPress

The following article presents how to add our Marketing Automation solution for WordPress blogs. Our integration modules was tested up to WordPress 4.9 and should work with older versions as well. Download Marketing Automation module for WordPress First download the module from here: Install module to your WordPress blog After downloading […]

Advanced Settings for Interaction Campaigns

After you finish editing the interaction campaign, next you have to set the recipients. Recipients Recipients are your website visitors that will probably see the campaign. You will notice that in the dropdown menu there are 7 categories of conditions that you can choose from. For example, if you want to […]

How product recommendations work inside email?

Our recommendation engine can deliver products into emails, site campaigns, push notifications or third-party services. By default it is integrated into our email editor where you need to choose what algorithms should the system use to embed products into the email. Based on the type of email (transactional / newsletter) […]