How do User Tags work?

“Tags” represent a special attribute for users, because it can contain multiple unique values. Tags values are converted into lowercase, and any character non alpha-numeric is removed. “MY Tag &#= IS Nice” will be saved as “mytagisnice”.   Adding tags to users You can only send Tags along with “login” […]

Your agency account

Thank you for being part of our agency partnerships. We limit the number of agencies that we can support to start at the same time, in order to give better services and to allow our agency partners to get as many clients as possible. As first step you can optionally set up your white-label […]

Edit agency settings

Under My profile you can change agency settings. Please first check how to setup up white-label. Allow clients to add/edit email providers. We integrate with many ESP that have open API’s (Mandrill/Mailgun/Sparkpost/Amazon Ses/ElasticEmail/Sendgrid). If your clients have their own accounts with these ESP they can add credentials and use existing […]

Billing and Invoice Settings

You can edit all the settings under the Money tab from the left menu. For setting up pricing plans, here’s a more detailed article Invoices First tab will show you the list of existing invoices, which can be edited, sent or downloaded in PDF format   Invoice Settings Invoice settings […]

Why purchase value is different

We synchronise product data with site events based on the product feed. Basically, when a user purchase something we receive the following information: product_id_a, quantity_a product_id_b, quantity_b product_id_c, quantity_c …. total (from the platform, it might include shipping, discounts and other stuff) a few other user information (email, orderId) When […]

Using Page Variables in Javascript

Using page variables. You can set page variables to be used in user segmentation (interaction campaigns only) or to include their values into the templates content. <script> window._vteq.push([“setVar”, “variableName”, value]); </script> You can use this value afterwards into campaign content like: **|vars.variableName|** There are some reserved Variable Names, already in […]

Content & Tags for Push Notification templates

Push notifications templates have only a few fields that can be edited: title* – up to 40 characters content* – limited to 250 characters image – needs to be loaded over https url The length of title and content varies a lot depending on the device and operating system version. […]