How to add a new client from agency account

Your agency account has a form for adding new clients. You need to enter: Shop URL (including https or http). Copy it exactly as it is in the browser address bars Shop title. Used only for reference, inside the dashboard and emails Shop ecommerce platform. By choosing the ecommerce platform […]

How to add Marketing Automation module to Magento

The following article presents how to add our Marketing Automation solution for Magento stores. Note that extension is tested with Magento 1.9, but should work with older versions of Magento as well. If there are any situations you see errors or events not being sent correctly, please contact us. Our […]

Product Interaction Template Format

You can display product recommendation in interaction campaigns, using a custom format for the template. Note that this is not product recommendations widget template, which you can read more about here. For more info on classic interaction template format read more here. PRODUCT TEMPLATE Interaction templates could contain products: currently […]

How to setup pricing plans for your customers

In order to accommodate multiple situations of companies running our platform we offer a few things: pricing plans based on traffic, assisted conversions or flat fee trial option free plan Trial & Pricing Here you edit trial and pricing settings. You can enabled trial period for new accounts. You can […]

How to setup white-label for an agency?

We provide 100% white-label version of our marketing automation cloud. Here’ how some requirements to have all links under your own domain name. By default we use and subdomains of it (our default whitelabel domain) to generate links. There are a few steps you need to take for your […]