Advanced Settings for Interaction Campaigns

After you finish editing the interaction campaign, next you have to set the recipients.


Recipients are your website visitors that will probably see campaign.

You will notice that in the dropdown menu there are 7 categories of conditions that you can choose from. For example, if you want to show an interaction campaign only to the new users, you have to set the following segmentation:

You can play with the conditions, however make sure they do not interfere with each other.

Campaign Advanced Settings

Here you can set more advanced settings:

  • Limit display only on specific types of pages
  • Priorities and how single campaign on page works
  • Automatically close campaign if user does not interact with it
  • Campaign Start and End date
  • Specific events for the campaign (display/close/submit) and code to run when these events happen
  • Send email to Mailchimp list or to specific endpoint

Note that the code you add to run when specific events are triggered needs to be a valid javascript code. No HTML tags are allowed and if there are errors, it won’t be run.


User interaction with campaign

Close event is special, so if the user clicks it, you can set the campaign not to be displayed for a specific number of days. Event if all conditions are valid, in this time period after user initial closes the campaign, it won’t be displayed again.


Display Conditions

The last step “Display” is where you set the options that will trigger your interaction campaign and how many times the campaign should be shown.

In order to start the campaign don’t forget to click START CAMPAIGN.

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