Common site events

There are 3 site events to track users’ activity, that are not “ecommerce” specific:


Used to track users coming from referring websites. Those can be used in segmentations like:

  • users coming from Facebook … (and add more events to subsegment later)



Used to track generic site pages, that are not category, product or search pages in an online shop. For example track pageviews from a blog.

The url passed to the pageview event will replace any ” (double quote) with a ‘ (single quote)



This is a special event that can be used to track any custom activity of the user: For example: open menu, click a specific button, submit a form etc. This event supports a name and any other attributes.

"event": {
   "event_name": "Event name", // required
   "attribute" : number, //optional, add any attributes of type: string, number, float
   "another_attribute": "string value"

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