How to integrate Marketing Automation using Google Tag Manager

The following articles explains how you can add our integration scripts using Google Tag Manager. This is a medium to expert level article so we assume you have experience using Tagmanager, as we won’t go into details.

Also this is an example of integration, feel free to adapt it to your site.

The names for tags, triggers and variables we are using below can be changed after your preferences.

Make sure you have read and understood codes from integration help article. Also to get some clarification on Google Tag Manager, visit this article.


Those are events that trigger our code to run. When visiting a webpage there are many “events” that happen without a user noticing those.

VTDomReady -> You will need a trigger based on DOM Ready event type, to run on all pages.



VTMainPixel -> This will load the main script. Select a Custom HTML Tag and copy paste the code there.



Instead of relying on hardcoded values inside our tags, it’s better to use variables. Most common variables are the values used along with events: item id, category, search query, items from cart, cart value, cart # of items

  • VTcategoryID
  • VTitemID
  • VTquery
  • VTcartItems
  • VTorderItems

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