Standard site events

There are 3 site events to track users’ activity, that are not “ecommerce” specific. Note that those events are not generated by default.


Used to track users coming from referring websites. Not enabled by default, can be configured from account settings.

Those can be used in segmentations like:

  • users coming from Facebook … (and add more events to subsegment later)



Used to track generic site pages, that are not category, product or search pages in an online shop. For example track pageviews from a blog.

The url passed to the pageview event will replace any ” (double quote) with a ‘ (single quote)



This is a special event that can be used to track any custom activity of the user: For example: open menu, click a specific button, submit a form etc. This event supports a name and any other attributes.

"event": {
   "event_name": "Event name", // required
   "attribute" : number, //optional, add any attributes of type: string, number, float
   "another_attribute": "string value"

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